A Carnival party is coming to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, based on the revelries that occur in February before Lent.

The free “Festivale” update is full of dancing and flying feathers and is available starting today for the Nintendo Switch video game. The update will include new reactions that players can use to properly react to the festivities. Players can also purchase the Viva Festival Reaction Set with in-game Bells from the shelf at Nook’s Cranny for a limited time. Starting on Feb. 1, players can do a wardrobe refresh with a visit the Able Sisters’ shop for new fashion pieces.

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On Feb. 15, dancer Pavé will make an appearance to kick the celebrations into high-gear with confetti. Collect the colorful flying feathers (especially the rare rainbow ones) to trade them with Pavé for a funky dance number in return.

Don’t forget about Valentine’s Day either: Look for a whole slew of other seasonal items at Nook’s Stop, including chocolate hearts and heart-shaped bouquets between Feb. 1-14 to gift to your favorite animal friend.

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