When you think of science, bubbles probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But Wonder Forge is redefining science by taking kids on a bubble adventure with some of our favorite underwater Disney•Pixar characters. The new Finding Dory Bubble Science kit allows kids ages 4 and up to perform their own lab experiments with bubbles while learning about surface tension, elasticity, soap molecules, diffusion, and more.

WonderForge_BubbleScienceThe kit comes with a step-by-step, 16-page lab book featuring seven experiments. The kit includes all of the necessary equipment, with the exception of two experiments that require extra household supplies, such as a mixing bowl, rubbing alcohol, and a scented ingredient, for those who want to try out the more advanced experiments. Kids will learn the science behind exciting activities, like blowing a bubble inside a bubble, creating towering bubble sculptures, and even juggling a bubble.

Each experiment is prompted by a question to get kids’ brains thinking about the purpose of the experiment, such as “What is a bubble, and why are they always round?” Kids are then able to follow the step-by-step instructions—which also feature photos—to complete the experiment. At the end, each experiment is summarized with a “What’s Going On” synopsis, so children are able to fully understand and grasp the science behind their bubble fun. The kit even further breaks down the science in the “Bubble Science” section, defining such scientific terms as molecules and surface tension, so children are able to grasp the scientific concepts through the context of bubbles. The back of the lab book also has a notes section, where kids can fill out what they learned from each experiment.

All seven experiments provide kids with innovative ways to interact with bubbles, particularly Hank’s Bubble Juggle, which challenges kids to juggle bubbles in their hands by catching them. However, science comes into play with understanding the interaction between soap molecules and the oil and dirt found on human skin, which prevents kids from catching the bubbles with their bare hands. But thanks to the special bubble glove included in the kit, kids can juggle, catch, and bounce bubbles off their hands.

Each page of lab book is filled with colorful sea decorations and also features images of Disney•Pixar Finding Dory characters, such as Dory, Nemo, Hank the octopus, and Crush the turtle. There’s even a special Dory bubble blower and a Nemo-shaped bubble tray. Additionally, Finding Dory characters are shown in word bubbles throughout the lab book, either sharing fun science facts or asking engaging questions about the experiments. For instance, Hank the octopus says, “A dry finger pops the bubble,” or in the Bubble Sculptures experiment, Dory asks “How many bubbles can you add? What do you think will happen if the sculpture gets too big? Try it and find out!”  While kids are trying out new science fun, their favorite Disney•Pixar characters are there to help them along and challenge them even further.

The Finding Dory Bubble Science kit is an engaging, fun set featuring kids’ favorite Disney•Pixar characters, which also provides an enriching and educational science lesson. The interaction with bubbles combined with basic science concepts also promotes basic experimentation principles, comprehension of cause and effect, and kids’ imagination and creativity.

Even after school lets out for the summer, kids can still have educational fun in their own backyards or at the kitchen table thanks to the simple joy of bubbles and Finding Dory.

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