Funsicle is a brand from Polygroup primarily focused on outdoor recreation in the form of products like inflatable pools and floats. Inflatables are generally primarily made of plastic and Polygroup is teaming up with TerraCycle to ensure that its plastic products don’t pollute the planet. 

The Funsicle Inflatables Free Recycling Program is a part of Polygroup’s “Float on Purpose” sustainability initiative. Eligible products include Funsicle FunTube inflatables, Funsicle Lounge inflatables, Funsicle inflatable pools, and more. 

The recycling process at TerraCycle starts with cleaning the inflatables, shredding them, and melting them into hard plastic that can be remolded for new products. The raw material is sold to manufacturers that use it to make new plastic goods, such as outdoor furniture, plastic shipping pallets, and playground surface covers. 

According to Plastics le Mag, plastic toys make up 90% of the toy market. In a world where recycling options for toys and other plastic products are limited, it’s important to find ways to prevent old toys from going into landfills. 

To participate in the brand new program, individuals and organizations can sign up at the official webpage on TerraCycle. TerraCycle will provide a shipping label that anyone can print and use to send in their no-longer-wanted inflatable goods. Summer fun just got even better, with a way to recycle old Funsicle inflatables!

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