Fyütch loves to talk about his family tree with his 3-year-old daughter. | Source: Fyütch/the Toy Insider

Kids’ families, personal histories, and cultures come in all shapes and sizes. Bronx-based singer, artist, and educator Fyütch encourages kids to explore where they came from — through song.

Last year, Fyütch released the song “This Kwanzaa” to educate listeners about his African roots. Then, he followed it up with “Black Women in History,” teaching kids about Black women who may have been overlooked throughout the years despite their accomplishments. The song teaches kids all about herstory, including names like Shirley Chisholm, Claudette Colvin, and Rebecca Crumpler. At home or in the classroom, kids can learn all about the past through music.

Now, Fyütch is releasing something more personal. His album Family Tree is a collection of spirited songs and jams all about what makes his family and Black culture so special. Kids who are looking to celebrate their own Black joy or to learn about other races and cultures can turn up the speakers and blast a mix of hip-hop, soul, R&B, pop, and reggae. Common insecurities in the Black community are turned into positive experiences, such as girls wearing their natural hair or students being the first in their family to graduate college. The collection is peppered with songs filled with wisdom named after elders in the family, like “Grandpa Charles” and “Auntie Sheila.” The lessons in these tunes are meant to be passed down to younger generations.

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“I want this project to outlive us,” Fyütch says, “and inform future generations of our existence and for my great-grandkids to hear the voices and stories of their ancestors when we are no longer here.”

Families can listen to Family Tree on July 16, available for preorder here. Check out this exclusive premiere of the song “Family Tree (feat. Shine of Shine and the Moonbeams)!”

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