Congratulations! You and your family are officially invited to the spectacular event that is Peppa’s Cinema Party.

Hasbro’s hit series Peppa Pig is coming to theaters near you to bring an hour-long premiere that’ll have your family singing and dancing in no time! Peppa’s Cinema Party celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary with an hour-long cinema celebration that features 10 never-before-seen episodes from Season 10. The spectacular event also includes a three-part Wedding Party Special, which features the voices of Katy Perry as Ms. Leopard and Orlando Bloom as Mr. Racoon.

Peppa’s Cinema Party features 10 never-before-seen episodes and five new songs. | Source: Hasbro

There’s no need to stay in your seats at this special premiere. Kids can experience an ultimate dance party during the party bus bonus episode. Peppa Pig will enter our world through the power of animation and live-action to sing five new songs and show off her awesome dance moves. 

Want to hear these upbeat tunes over and over again? Have no fear because every featured song will be available for streaming, making it possible for kids to sing along in the car, at home, or on the go!

Kids can sing and dance with their favorite pig when Peppa’s Cinema Party hits the theaters this February. Families can prepare for the party of a lifetime by grabbing tickets starting Dec. 7 at

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