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Spring is here, the weather’s warming up, flowers are in bloom, and there’s no better time for kids to take a “trip” down Sesame Street!

HBO Max will launch new episodes of Sesame Street every Thursday in April. From friendships to teacher appreciation, these special episodes have a lot of surprises and guests in store for kids.

The “Twinkle Twinkle Little Band” episode will kick off the spring line-up on April 1 with the spotlight on Billy Porter. The actor will put the “F” in friendship with the help of a musical penguin as they sing a song about making new pals and being brave.

On April 8, kids can join in on a friendly match frenzy with the “Match It!” episode. Elmo, Julia, Sam, Rudy, and Abby must find something that matches a sweater in different ways. The item must start with the letter “S” or match the color of the sweater. Kids at home can join in or think up their own matching games during the show.

The “We Wonder What Happened to Snowman” Episode of ‘Sesame Street’ | Source: HBO Max

“We Wonder What Happened to Snowman” premieres on April 15. In this episode, Abby magically makes a snowman to help herself and Elmo cool off on a hot day. When they leave to get decorations for the snowman, he disappears! Elmo and Abby imagine where their snowman could’ve gone and learn what really happened to him along the way.

The “Elmo and Rosita’s Tallest Block Tower Ever” episode will stream on April 22. In this episode, Elmo and Rosita figure out ways to make their tower bigger after they run out of blocks. They get creative and use empty oatmeal containers, cookie boxes, and plastic bottles. Viewers at home can think up even more ideas and items for Elmo and Rosita to stack onto their “tallest block tower ever.”

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To wrap up Sesame Street’s new episodes, “Teacher Appreciation Day” will debut on April 29. Elmo, Zoe, and Rudy think of gratitude gifts to give their teacher, Mr. Morrisett. They decide on three special presents: an original song, a card, and flowers. This episode inspires kids to appreciate and give thanks to their teachers. They can even take the muppet crew’s lead and write up their own songs and cards to bring to school!

Keep up with these episodes and more Sesame Street content on HBO Max this spring.

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