Kids can discover dino-mite dinosaurs in this eggcellent lineup! | Source: ToyMonster/The Toy Insider

For many grownups, it’s hard to believe it is Jurassic Park‘s 30th Anniversary! To celebrate, ToyMonster has a spectacular lineup of dinosaur species from the original movie and rare dinosaurs for the next generation to chase. Kids of all ages will be held CAPTIVZ with this egg-cellent display of slime, collective creatures, and anniversary awesomeness.

To dig into this archeological array in the CAPTIVZ lineup, there are three products to consider.

A single slime egg featuring dinosaur species from the movie. | Source: ToyMonster/The Toy Insider

First is the Build N Battle 30th Anniversary Slime Egg ($4.99). This single four-inch egg comes with a Build N Battle Dinosaur, 50 grams of amber slime, a collector guide, and an exclusive collector card. Kids can crack open the golden egg and sift through amber-colored ooze to reveal one of 18 collectible dinosaurs. Kids can then display or play with their pop-n-lock dinosaur!

Kids can have three opportunities to play with this 3-Pack! | Source: ToyMonster/The Toy Insider

The next option is the Build N Battle 30th Anniversary Slime Egg 3-Pack ($12.99). It’s like the product above, but with a trifecta of dinosaur eggs in one product pack. There are eight original movie dinosaurs to discover, like a T. Rex, a Triceratops, and a Brachiosaurus — along with a rare metallic baby Velociraptor. It’s three times the slime, three times the collectibles, and three times the fun! Kids can store all the slime in a container with a tight lid to keep the slime from drying out and extending the play possibilities!

What surprise will you discover inside? | Source: ToyMonster/The Toy Insider

Last, but not extinct, is the Build N Battle 30th Anniversary Surprise Egg ($9.99)! This 7-inch tall golden egg with a holographic eye peeking out from inside has 14 surprises, including a super-size Build N Battle Dinosaur, amber sap gel, prehistoric sand, BioSyn slime, eight stickers, a collector guide, and a collector card.

Kids can collect three super-size species from the original Jurassic Park movie! Additionally, kids can have three tactile play opportunities by digging through the prehistoric sand, chipping through amber sap gel, and shifting through Biosyn Lab slime to discover which super-size exclusive species they have unearthed.

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A prehistoric play tip is that kids can swap tails and heads with the various dinosaur bodies and see what unique species they can create! Grownups can encourage their kiddos to come up with a name, too, along with a backstory, where the dinosaur was discovered, and its likes and dislikes for a fun, educational, play opportunity. Additionally, check out this CAPTIVZ website page. There are downloadable dinosaur-themed activities like Jurassic Suduku or Dilophosaurus Coloring Pages!

In addition to the CAPTIVZ Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Edition Eggs, grownups may also want to get the Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Hatchling Buildable Dinos for a dino-mite addition to an Easter basket.

All in all, I dino what to tell you other than put all your {dinosaur} eggs into one {shopping cart} basket!

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