With lots of bracelet and pattern options, there is plenty of crafting potential! | Source: Horizon Group USA

Kids who want to make a quick and easy friendship bracelet will be pleased as punch with the Just My Style Fashion Punch Style and Stitch Loom from Horizon Group USA.

Handmade friendship bracelets are a fun way to mark the importance of a friendship, or a fun excuse to wear cute, matching bracelets made together at a sleepover. They’re traditionally made using macrame with either thread or embroidery floss, but the Fashion Punch is bringing an alternative method to the table. 

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the Just My Style Fashion Punch set includes seven differently colored elastic threads, a sewing needle, the fashion punch loom, a loom stylus, and 10 bracelet templates — enough supplies for 10 bracelets.

To get started, kids first choose a template and place it on the loom. Then, they’ll lay the elastic over the slots in the loom and use the stylus (which has a metal tip exactly the right size for the holes) to punch the elastic thread through the slot below it. Kids keep punching the thread through the holes, following the pattern, until all the slots are filled and there’s a complete bracelet. The only additional tool kids need to complete the craft is a pair of scissors to cut pieces of cord to be the right length.

There is an included instruction sheet, which details all of these steps and offers some crafting tips. The instructions also have a QR code you can scan to get to a video showing how to do everything, which is great if you’re like me and don’t do super well following written instructions for crafty things.

The instruction video helped me the most in getting started. | Source: Horizon Group USA

The resulting bracelets are fun and colorful, though they aren’t necessarily made to last. The cording can pop out after being worn for a bit, but kids can always reuse it. A pro tip from the instruction booklet mentions this and says you can punch it back in to get the bracelet back in shape, or even carefully remove the thread and make a whole new bracelet with the template. If your kid is going to be bothered by the temporariness of the resulting bracelet, you could always pick up some cheap fabric and fabric glue and stick it on the back to make things more permanent. 

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The Fashion Punch retails for a quite reasonable $16.99. If you’re planning a sleepover and want an associated craft for everyone to do without breaking the bank, this set is a good choice, especially because kids can make 10 bracelets with it (though, admittedly, just one at a time unless you buy multiple sets). Any look at a craft store’s thread or embroidery floss sections will tell you that getting those supplies often isn’t super cheap, and the Fashion Punch has everything kids need in one box.

The Just My Style Fashion Punch can brighten up any slumber party or childhood friendship with a cute activity that kids can keep on crafting with, even after they’ve made all the bracelets once!

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