Are you looking for an out of this world strategy game that is also a great travel game, stocking stuffer, and educational tool? Then you’ll be over the moon with the Kanoodle Cosmic from Educational Insights.

The Kanoodle Cosmic is a nebulous new take from the best-selling, award-winning, Kanoodle line. It joins the educational atmosphere that includes Kanoodle Gravity and Kanoodle Head to Head. With its latest mission in the Kanoodle cosmos, Kanoodle Cosmic allows players to moon-euver asymmetrical and symmetrical shapes for challenges. As a result, the Kanoodle Cosmos game fosters spatial reasoning skills using dimensional shapes that fit four different ways.

This portable brain game will be the playroom star because of its ability to be fun while working on critical thinking skills. There are more than 200 brain teaser challenges and 12 puzzle pieces. The set sits in a compact case offering portability — and offers easy storage when the galactic galavanting is done.

The set is best for kids ages 7 and up. However, it can be used for all ages as an opportunity to work on fine motor skills and problem-solving practice. Therapists may want one as part of their work tools; adults may want it as part of homeschool enhancement; parents will love that they can put in a bag or purse for waiting in doctors’ offices to keep kids engaged (and off tablet screens!); and tweens and teens (and even college-aged kids) find it fun as a fidget and boredom buster. Plus, this reviewer always loves to leave puzzle-like sets on coffee tables to keep guests entertained.

The pieces and the storage case are plastic, so it is easy to wipe with a disinfectant cloth. As a result, it will be the center of your playroom universe this holiday season and beyond!

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Charlene DeLoach

Charlene DeLoach

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