Things are getting musically witchy this Halloween!

Spooky season is fast approaching now that it’s October, but not every Halloween has to be scary. A new music video from Laurie Berkner features adorable witches who are dressed the same and ready to playfully confuse their audience. Laurie Berkner is a musician well-known for her catchy kids’ tunes and this new single will fit right in with the rest of her fun songs.

Kids will love this new Halloween song. | Source: The Laurie Berkner Band

In “Which Witch,” two good friends have decided to wear the same witch costume and have some fun by not telling anyone who’s who. Laurie will need the help of young Halloween fans to figure out which witch was stirring a potion, flying on a broom, casting a magic spell, and more. Kids can point to which witch is which in the top corner of the video when Laurie sings about what they’re doing to play along.

Laurie has been making kids’ music for a while, celebrating the 25th anniversary of her second album, Buzz Buzz, this year. If kids can’t get enough of Laurie with just the “Which Witch” single, she has 15 albums full of songs with everything from a song about rocketships to Christmas classics.

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