‘LEGO Builder’s Journey’ | Source: The LEGO Group/Light Brick Studios

The LEGO Group and Light Brick Studios have come up with a solution for every parent who is frustrated by LEGO bricks scattered all over the house. The two companies announced that LEGO Builder’s Journey, first released in 2019 on iOS and macOS, is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC. The video game removes all physical bricks and barriers, allowing players to truly experiment with their building skills.

LEGO Builder’s Journey is an artistic, nonverbal puzzle adventure game that follows a father and son as they traverse through a LEGO world, highlighting the importance of play in our lives.

Footage from LEGO Builder’s Journey reveals the calming nature of the game. The music is soft and gentle, and there is no timer to stress out kids who may feel overwhelmed by typical puzzle games. Each building “level” focuses on a small adventure between the father and son, such as building a brick sandcastle, hiking in the mountains, or starting a campfire. Overall, the meditative music, heartwarming story, and glowing graphics promise a calming and creative environment for players.

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LEGO Builder’s Journey will be available on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch on June 22. The PC version features significant graphic upgrades, such as shadows and reflections, giving a better experience for the player as they explore the universe around them. Light Brick Studio has also expressed interest in expanding to even more console platforms later this summer.

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