The first kit will arrive on your doorstep the first week of May. | Source: Little Passports

From the wild animals of the Serengeti and the Australian outback to the fascinating creatures of the Amazon rainforest and the Pacific Ocean, kids can learn about more than 100 different animals with the new Animals Wild collection of activity kits from Little Passports.

Little Passports is known for subscription activity kits that teach kids about geography, culture, science, art, and other educational topics. The brand’s newest line is a 6-month mail order subscription of activity kits featuring pop-up playsets, hands-on games, collectible animals, and other fun activities that teach kids about wildlife from around the world. This collection is recommended for kids ages 3-5.

The first kit in the collection features the Amazon rainforest. | Source: Little Passports

The first activity kit in the collection features the Amazon rainforest. It includes a pop-up playset with lift-the-flap surprises to teach kids about the four layers of the rainforest; 3D pop-outs of a macaw, a jaguar, an emperor tamarin, and a poison dart frog; a matching game; a maze; and other activities filled with facts about the rainforest. Kids can also launch foam animal disks into a kapok tree.

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The Animals Wild collection is available for presale now starting at $25.95 per month. Little Passports offers other themed kits as well, such as the Early Explorers, Science Junior, World Edition, and Science Expedition subscriptions. Head to for more details.

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