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Sometimes it’s hard for grown-ups to remember that being a kid can be stressful. What do they have to be worried over? They don’t have bills to pay and all their meals are made for them. Yet the truth is, being a kid is challenging. They’re learning how to be a person and are constantly in a state of change. Stressful times call for stress-relieving measures, and that’s where Manimo comes into play.

Manimo are weighted plush that are designed to provide therapeutic relief. These pals are available in various styles, such as dog, cat, lizard, dolphin, and so on, and each features a whole heap of benefits. 

Have you ever had your worries washed away when your cat sat on your lap or immediately started to feel better when someone gave you a hug? Manimo is the hug or snuggle kids are looking for in times when a pet or person may not be around. Through the use of its weight, the plush evokes proprioceptive sensory stimulation — a scientific term that basically just means it provides a deep pressure that has a calming effect on the central nervous system.

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I may have found myself overdue in writing this article, and therefore stressed, so I’m putting Manimo to the test while I write. I currently have the 2-kilogram dog draped over my shoulders like some kind of antique fashion statement and I can feel it keeping me centered. The soft texture of the plush, combined with the pressure, makes me feel calm and alert.

This toy has benefits beyond stress relief, which is why it’s often used with kids who are on the autism spectrum and with those who have ADD or ADHD. Kids can place it on their restless legs to satisfy the need to move, or on their chest to increase body awareness.

Manimo is available in a variety of types. | Source: Manimo

Parents can choose between 1 or 2 kilograms for most of the styles. Choosing one that’s between 10-12% of kids’ weight is recommended, but comfort is the most important thing to think about when ordering. Kids can find this comfort in 15-20 minute sessions; the benefits should last 1-2 hours.

Being a kid can be stressful, but finding a way to cope doesn’t have to be.

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