One of the Aphmau MeeMeows Mystery Plush, along with its cat-shaped box | Source: Bonkers Toys

Cats? Already super cute. A cat dressed as a doughnut or a taco? Now we’re talking cuteness overload.

And “cuteness overload” might be the exact phrase I would use to describe the Aphmau MeeMeows Mystery Plush from Bonkers Toys. Created by YouTuber Aphmau, these blind-packaged, collectible plush cats are absolutely adorable.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the first series (or “litter” as they are called in this case) includes eight different styles of plush cats. A majority of them are inspired by foods: There is Cheeseburger Cat, French Fry Cat, Soda Cat, Taco Cat, and Donut Cat. The remaining plush designs are Sugar Skull Cat; Pumpkin Cat; and “Johnny Cat,” a cat that pays tribute to AphMau’s personal pet cat, who was featured in many of her earlier videos before he went missing in 2015.

All eight of the Aphmau MeeMeows Mystery Plush | Source: Bonkers Toys

Each of these plush cats is packed with fun details, from the flower crown on Sugar Skull Cat to the tiny paw prints that are embroidered on each cat’s front paws. The plush characters are well-made and feature plenty of fun textures for kids to discover, in addition to a super-squishy and soft body, which makes the MeeMeows great for both cuddles and sensory play.

It’s also worth mentioning the packaging that these MeeMeows come in. The purple box is designed to look like a cat itself, complete with a cute pair of ears! As previously mentioned, kids won’t know which cat is inside, but they are all so cute that kids won’t be disappointed. The box, combined with a silver wrapping around the plush cat, also compresses the cat a bit. This means that kids will be pleasantly surprised by the size of their new collectible, which is about 6 inches long once it’s out of the box.

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Although these plush collectibles are technically inspired by AphMau — a gaming YouTuber who is best known for her Minecraft videos — kids truly don’t need any familiarity with the channel to love these toys. While devoted Aphmau fans may be more drawn to the characters and recognize tie-ins with the channel right away, any cat lover will appreciate these adorable designs. The MeeMeows may also introduce kids to a new favorite YouTuber, as Aphmau’s channel information appears both on the box and on the included collector’s guide.

While these collectibles are simple in premise, they are super cute and guaranteed to be a hit with anyone (kid, tween, teen, or adult) who gushes at the thought of a cat dressed up like a taco!

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