Beware of shark-infested floors! | Source: Skyrocket/The Toy Insider

Don’t worry, the water is safe — because this R/C toy is a land shark.

Just like Captain Quint said in 1975, “I’m talkin’ ’bout sharkin’!” This one is much easier to capture than the great white shark that scared swimmers back then and much more of a joy to play with. It takes the game of the floor is lava to the next level, sending kids racing to the nearest couch to protect their toes.

Teeth to tail, the shark measures 18 inches long. Using a 2.4 GHz remote control, the tail swishes back and forth and the upper jaw (no lower jaw) imitates the chomping synonymous with the fish. The remote is a little hard to get used to as what appear to be buttons are actually more akin to switches, but once kids get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.

Those familiar with Gremlins will understand the list of don’ts that are outlined in the instructions. Don’t drive the shark into walls, doors, or furniture; don’t drive the shark off elevated surfaces or drop from furniture; don’t drive the shark into people or pets; and don’t drive the shark through water or submerge the shark in water. While some of these may seem common sense, kids might get a little confused after watching the commercial and seeing some of these don’ts in action.

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A major plus is the lack of charging needed to use the toy. Between the remote control and the shark itself, six batteries are required (just know they are not included in the packaging). When placing the batteries, it might be handy to have a smaller screwdriver on hand, as the remote control features a more delicate screw than the shark.

This toy is a biting good time and is a refreshing departure from traditional R/C vehicles. Barbie and Ken beware if left unattended.

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Maude Campbell (Guest Contributor)

Maude Campbell (Guest Contributor)

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