What better way to bring people together than with the power of music? Sesame Street puppeteer Megan Piphus’s album Spaceships & Dreams inspires everyone to embrace their differences to strengthen their communities.

This seven-track album teaches kids about determination, confidence, humility, dedication, and perseverance. | Source: Megan Piphus

Piphus performs as May & Them Pups to create an album capable of bringing people together. Spaceships & Dreams tells the tale of a teacher who dreams of connecting her community with an event celebrating everyone’s unique talents. Kids can listen to songs about determination, confidence, dedication, humility, and perseverance. 

Families can use each song to boost a different character value in their kids. Kids can boost their self-confidence by listening to “Make U Proud” while learning about perseverance with “We All Got Problems.” By listening to “Bluetiful,” kids can learn to accept their emotions, including sadness.

Megan Piphus produces Spaceships & Dreams with Grammy winners Bootsy Collins (left) and Sir the Baptist (right). | Source: Megan Piphus

Families can enjoy upbeat music produced by Piphus and Grammy winners Sir the Baptist and Bootsy Collins. Alongside their musical expertise, the album features the talents of Anthony Hamilton, The Hamiltones, Jacob Sheard, Fantaazma, and more.

Kids can boost their self-esteem by listening to the seven-track album Spaceships & Dreams by May and Them Pups now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

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