This new Magna-Tiles set has an ocean theme packed with colors! | Source: CAMP

Things are looking fishy as CAMP’s newest addition to its Magna-Tiles sets brings a very colorful ocean theme to building toys. 

CAMP is known for its physical shops that feature play experiences. With slides, spaceship interiors, and other exciting interactive elements, going to CAMP stores is both a shopping and an interactive play event. 

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The new Mermaid Castle Magna-Tiles are the latest collaboration between CAMP and CreateOn. The set features brightly colored tiles with ocean art. Drawings of fish, whales, starfish, jellyfish, and, of course, mermaids decorate the colored tiles so kids can build an entire ocean scene. The tiles are also translucent, meaning light can shine through them for a unique added effect. 

These new Magna-Tiles are compatible with all other Magna-Tiles sets as well, so a kid can get the Magna-Tiles Dino World set or the Magna-Tiles Jungle Animals set and combine them to make entirely new scenes and structures. 

CreateOn also offers custom photo Magna-Tiles, so customers can incorporate their own photos into a customized, magnetic building set. Kids can see a picture of themselves next to their favorite mermaid character because all Magna-Tiles are compatible with one another, including the custom ones.

The CAMP x CreateOn Mermaid Castle Magna-Tiles Structures Set is available now at Camp’s website for $40 and is recommended for ages 3 and up.

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