Kids can connect the Mini Waffle Blocks in a variety of ways. | Source: Marioiniex

I think we can all agree that waffle fries are a superior form of fry — so it only makes sense that waffle blocks would be superior, too!

Marioinex’s Mini Waffle Blocks are a colorful construction toy that’s safe for kids ages 2 and up. Inside the 140 pack, young builders get 14 blocks of each of the 10 different colors. While the colors may differ, the shape of all 140 blocks stays the same. The toymaker has dubbed the shape a waffle, but the best way to describe it is as a hashtag or pound sign that has an extra, third line in one direction.

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All of the blocks being the same shape may sound like it would limit creativity, but the result is actually the opposite. The blocks can interconnect in a wide variety of ways, which encourages creativity and provides a wide variety of building possibilities.

This video shows some of the ways kids can build with these blocks.

While these blocks are safe for toddlers, little hands will not have the fine motor skills needed to hook these blocks together. Toddlers and preschoolers, however, can certainly enjoy the textures and colors that these blocks offer.

Older kids will be able to use their imagination and combine these blocks into endless structures, from geometric configurations to people and houses. Even as an adult, I found myself incredibly focused and engrossed in building with these blocks. They offer a very sensory-filled experience, thanks to the colors, shape, and interesting texture. The blocks’ rubbery material finds the perfect balance between hard and soft: They are hard enough to be durable and keep a structure sturdy, but they are soft enough that stepping on one will cause little to no foot pain, which is definitely a win for everyone.

These colorful blocks encourage creativity and fine motor skills. | Source: Marioinex

The 140-piece Mini Waffle Blocks set comes with just the waffle-shaped pieces, but there are other sets available in this line that can expand kids’ building possibilities with wheels, hinges, figures, and more.

Overall, these blocks present a simple premise, but one that offers good quality, plenty of play value, and room for exploration and discovery.

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