Has a kid in your life ever wanted to work at a zoo? Moose Games has just the opportunity for them.

In line with the release of its latest game, Doo Doo Kangaroo, Moose Games is launching a sweepstakes to send one family to California to clean up after kangaroos! The winner will take $5,000 and an all-expense-paid trip with their family to San Diego in October to help take care of the kangaroos at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

“While most kids might make their allowance taking their dog for a walk, feeding their fish or cleaning the litter box, Moose is raising the bar and offering one lucky youngster the opportunity of a lifetime: to help pick up kangaroo doo at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for $5,000,” says David Norman, president, Moose Games. “Think of all the donuts you can buy with $5,000.”

Doo Doo Kangaroo is a wacky game for wacky kids! | Source: Moose Games

While at the zoo, kids will learn about how kangaroo doo doo is a part of conservation and even help clean it up. They will also get to check out other duties, including habitat maintenance, animal feeding, and more.

To apply for the role, kids ages 5-12 must submit a video or essay introducing themselves and explaining why they would make the best fit for the role, and have their parents complete the application form on . In their video or essay, kids should show off what they love about kangaroos and talk about what they would do if they got to spend a day with a kangaroo care specialist.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, Doo Doo Kangaroo is a game where players feed the kangaroo, who is sitting on a toilet, donuts. When the kangaroo has had too many donuts, it starts to launch donuts and doo doos. Players must race to grab the donuts without grabbing doo doos.


Kids feed doughnuts to a kangaroo sitting on a toilet. Once he's full, the kangaroo shakes and shimmies while kids race to catch the doughnuts and dodge the “doo doos” that come flying out of the toilet.

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