Real Littles Locker, Handbags, and Backpacks | Source: Moose Toys/the Toy Insider

What’s big to us is even bigger to kids — and what’s small to us is perfect for them!

Moose Toys expands its Real Littles line of collectibles with three new products stashed with a ton of mini-surprises for endless customizing and accessorizing.

The Real Littles Handbag is stylishly small and comes in seven different designs, including rainbow and cheetah print. Each bag is filled with six tiny essentials, such as coin purses and hairbrushes — but kids can find more than 30 surprises to collect, including a limited-edition ring watch. Each handbag comes with its own matching bag charm to clip onto backpacks, belt loops, and other apparel. Get them here for $7.99 each.

The Real Littles Locker looks like a miniature version of a real school locker, full of 15 mini-surprises. Kids can choose from one of three wacky wallpaper designs to decorate the inside and outside of their lockers. They can also hang micro-mirror frames, baskets, photos, and stickers on the door of the locker for more customizable fun. Each locker includes an exclusive unicorn duffle bag, a matching unicorn bag dangler, and a working lock to keep every little collectible safe and sound. Get the Real Littles Locker here for $19.99.

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The Real Littles Backpack is filled with six cute stationery surprises. It comes in different styles and finishes, all with working zippers. Each backpack contains items such as tiny colored pencils and micro glitter rulers, and lucky collectors might even find a limited-edition mini-calculator keychain. Kids can search for more than 55 mini-supplies in total, and each backpack comes with an attachable clip to hang on jeans or real school backpacks. Find the Real Littles Backpack here for $7.99 each.

These Real Littles collectibles are available at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and

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