Discover marine life in the Ocean Animal Dig Kit. | Source: National Geographic/the Toy Insider

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National Geographic’s annual SharkFest summer event is back for its 10th year, celebrating the ocean’s most famous apex predator. The four-week TV event is delivering fin-tastic content, and National Geographic is kicking off the festivities with some jaws-ome toys. Kids can snuggle up with a plush shark, dig up real shark tooth fossils, and read up on all kinds of sharks with an assortment of books. Keep reading to dive into all the toys splashing in for SharkFest. 

Shark Tooth Dig Kit | Source: National Geographic

There are all types of sharks in the deep blue. With the Shark Tooth Dig Kit ($17.99), kids can dig up and discover three real shark tooth fossils. Each tooth comes from a different species, including the Sand tiger, the Otodus, and the Crow shark. This kit is recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

Ocean Animal Dig Kit | Source: National Geographic

If your kids prefer other ocean animals to ferocious sharks, the Ocean Animal Dig Kit ($24.99) is the perfect choice. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the kit comes with 12 individually wrapped seashells and all the necessary digging tools. Kids can dig out the shell to discover six different ocean animal species hidden within, all while learning about marine life. 

Snuggle up with the Shark Plush. | Source: National Geographic

Not all sharks are scary! National Geographic’s Shark Plush ($20.63) is the most huggable creature under the sea for kids of all ages. It showcases the gray-and-white appearance of a Great White Shark and measures 20 inches from nose to tail.

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Ocean Life Jigsaw Puzzle | Source: National Geographic

Kids can explore all the colorful marine life under the sea with the Ocean Life Jigsaw Puzzle ($22). This 500-piece puzzle measures 18 inches by 24 inches when completed and displays an abundance of fish, marine plants, and more. It is recommended for kids ages 10 and up. 

A bunch of shark books to read during SharkFest | Source: National Geographic/the Toy Insider

There’s always more to learn about sharks and other ocean animals. National Geographic has a variety of books for a deep dive into the sea, including Shark ($25) and The Ultimate Book of Sharks ($19.99) by Brian Skerry, Can’t Get Enough Shark Stuff ($14.99) by Andrea Silen and Kelly Hargrave, First Big Book of the Ocean ($14.95) by Catherine Hughes, and Ocean Animals Sticker Activity Book ($6.99) by National Kids.

Whether kids love sharks or love to be terrified of them, there’s a marine-themed toy for every ocean explorer. You can also visit National Geographic’s SharkFest page for even more fin-tastic finds.

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