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Reading outdoors hits different. As the weather starts to warm up, give your kids a reason to get away from their devices and dive into exciting, screen-free adventures with these new books, all releasing this month.

Bridge of Souls is the third installment of author Victoria Schwab’s City of Ghosts series. The new story will see ghost hunter Cassidy Blake and her ghost best friend Jacob take on adventures in a new city, New Orleans. Traveling for Cassidy’s parents TV show, Cassidy and Jacob will take on the city’s colorful local legends and encounter a big surprise, a servant of death.

In Across the Pond by Joy McCullough, Callie moves from San Diego to Scotland to live in a real castle after a breakup with a friend. Her parents agree to let her participate in homeschooling after she has a bad first impression with the gardener’s granddaughter and the horrible weather, but under one condition: She must participate in a social activity. Callie enters a birding club in the search for new friends in her new home.

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The House That Wasn’t There by Elana K. Arnold is a graphic novel that explores the mysterious interconnections between people in a magical way. The story follows Alder, a boy who loves his cozy little town in Southern California, and Oak, the new girl in the city who doesn’t understand why her family moved. The two do not want to be friends, but they discover a series of connections and puzzles between them that they must work together to solve.

The Accidental Apprentice (Wilderlore No. 1) by Amanda Foody follows reluctant mushroom farmer Barclay Thorne as he makes the difficult choice to abide by his one rule: Never stray into the woods. After a beast he unconsciously bonds to is taken away, Barclay must journey to the mysterious town of Lore Keepers. The people of Lore Keepers have also all bonded with beasts and even share their magical powers. Throughout the story, Barclay will make friends and battle the legendary beast of the woods.

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A New Day by Brad Meltzer is a big-hearted story about the days of the week. After Sunday quits being a day of the week, the rest of the team must band together to find a new day. They set up a talent show full of colorful and diverse days. The talent show gets out of hand, until a little girl suggests a nice day. The girl’s simple kindness makes Sunday realize it didn’t need to quit in the first place.

These books will all launch this month on Amazon and Kindle, or you can look for them at local bookstores.

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