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April is gearing up to be a massive month for preschool programs from PBS Kids. New releases from Dinosaur Train, Hero Elementary, and Xavier Riddle will feature episodes about autism, family, and historical figures.

Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island begins streaming on April 13. In this film, the Pteranodon family will take the train to Adventure Island, where they will see steam-powered dinosaur robots created by the conductor’s archival, Thurston. The robots will go rogue after an earthquake shakes the island and the family must navigate their way back to each other after getting lost in the quake.

Kids can follow the adventures of the sparks crew in five new episodes of Hero Elementary, Volume 7. In “AJ’s Extra Superpower,” the Sparks Crew discovers that AJ’s “extra superpower,” his autism, is the key to saving the day. In “Hail Caesar/Picture Perfect,” the crew will call upon famous heroes to learn about hail; in “Looking Super/Schmubble Trouble,” they search for a self-flying cape after it escapes from a store; and in “Sara Loses Her Snap/A Soupie Mystery,” they discover a mysterious creature in Super Superior Lake. All the new episodes begin streaming on April 2.

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In four new episodes of Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, Volume 8, the team will travel back in time to learn valuable lessons from history’s greatest figures, including Albert Einstein, Carol Burnett, Abraham Lincoln, Jane Jacobs, Edmund Hillary, and Celia Cruz. These episodes and many more will begin streaming on April 9.

All the shows will release this month on the PBS Kids channel and PBS Kids Prime Video Channel.

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