The Super Readers are here to save the day! Kids can improve their literacy skills with Super Why’s Comic Book Adventures on PBS Kids.

Super Why’s Comic Book Adventures is a series of three-minute shorts that explores and encourages literacy skills in kids. This Super Why!-inspired show has literacy-powered superheroes entering the comic book world to help fix the reading rules of Reader Valley.

In this 20-episode series, Super Why, Wonder Red, and Princess Presto join forces with the help of a new friend. The show introduces a new character named Power Page, who uses her power pencil to write and erase words, letters, and punctuation with her power pencil. As a team, the Super Readers will fight against new villains, including More Man, The Shuffler, Outta Space, and The Eraser.

Kids in preschool and kindergarten can improve their literacy skills with the Super Readers. Each episode focuses on different lessons, including foundational reading and writing skills, letter-sound identification, blending sounds and alliteration, spelling, punctuation, and more. 

Kids can understand the fundamentals of reading by watching Super Why’s Comic Book Adventures on PBS Kids on Oct. 18. 

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