Peppa is here and bringing all her playful joy to another season of her TV series!

Peppa Pig has been delighting kids across the UK and beyond for 9 seasons now … soon to be 10! Season 10 of the Hasbro series is coming soon and will feature Peppa, her friends, and her family playing pretend, learning new skills, and more. The season will premiere on Nick Jr. this Dec. 4 and continue with the “Peppa’s Holiday Pep-tacular” airing regularly on weekdays until Dec. 21.

Season 10 features 13 brand-new episodes. “Granny Sheep Moves In” shows kids how living with family can be an adventure all its own, as Granny Sheep decides to rearrange the furniture in Suzy and Mummy Sheep’s home. The season will introduce the Granny Sheep character and the series’ first multigenerational household. Kids can also get inspired for the winter season with “Igloo” as Peppa, George, and Daddy Pig build an igloo in the snow.

That’s far from all that the new season has to offer! Adventures in building new technology in “Grandpa’s Robot,” learning all things papercraft in “Paper Games,” helping birds in need in “Little Swift,” and more will have kids falling in love with Peppa all over again.

The new season of Peppa Pig premieres on Nick Jr. this Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. ET. New episodes will drop every weekday, Monday through Friday, until Dec. 21. If kids can’t get enough Peppa after enjoying the new season, they can stream seasons 3-6 of the series on Netflix starting Jan. 1.

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