This luxe set will help kids reach Elite Trainer status. | Source: The Pokémon Co./The Toy Insider

One thing most kids will agree on is that you can never have enough Pokémon cards. Whether you are just as obsessed as your kids are (Where do you think they got it from?) or you have no clue what the heck a Pikachu is, we’re here to tell you that the Pokémon TCG: Pokémon GO Elite Trainer Box is the ultimate set for Pokémon fans.

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, the set contains a combination of booster packs, energy cards, dice, card sleeves, and more, all designed to help players step up their Pokémon trading card game. There are more than 75 new cards in each set, many of them with artwork inspired by the style and setting of the Pokémon GO mobile game. 

The set features six new Pokémon V, two new Pokémon VSTAR, and a new Pokémon VMAX, all Pokémon characters with different abilities that change the way players can battle in the game. There are also new trainer cards based on items and characters from the game, including the leaders of Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor.

This set includes tons of cards with exciting, new features. | Source: The Pokémon Co.

The cards are full of special details and characters that fans of the mobile game will recognize, such as Ditto transforming into different Pokémon to stay hidden. Since this is a card game, The Pokémon Co. had to get creative with Ditto’s disguises. If a card has a Ditto icon on it, players can peel the top layer off like a sticker to reveal the true Ditto underneath and harness the card’s power while battling.

Pokémon GO players know how exciting it can be to catch a Shiny Pokémon. This set adds a similar experience with a Radiant Pokémon card that gives players instant rewards with the cards’ powerful attack and strategy-enhancing abilities. The set also offers new trainer cards and new combos that allow players to battle and attack in different ways.

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The set includes all of the pieces needed for a complete TCG battle, making the game more approachable for beginners, while also giving hardcore trainers special cards and features to get excited about. The box itself gives kids a nice way to organize all of their cards and dice so that nothing gets lost or scattered all throughout the house.

It doesn’t matter if kids are fully versed in the world of trading cards or looking to expand their collections after spending all of their free time playing the Pokémon GO mobile game, this box set will give them all the tools they need — and then some.

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