Valeo, Ene, Promi, and Aliel will soon prance across your screen again, as Zoonicorn will return for a third season! 

The preschool TV series follows Zoonicorns (animals that are part-zebra and part-unicorn) as they enter the dreams of young animals and guide them through different adventures and journeys. 

Zoonicorn is bright and colorful! | Source: Zoonicorn

During the dreams, the Zoonicorns help the animals learn important social-emotional skills and teach them how to feel confident! When the dream is over, the animals wake up feeling successful and optimistic — the Zoonicorns taught them how to overcome different challenges they might face outside of their dreams.  

The main theme of the series is that children, and the animals in the show, have the power to solve any problem they face. As they say, “The power to win is always within!” Also, Zoonicorn episodes are only 7 minutes long, so your animal-loving kid can easily pay attention to the content.  

Zoonicorn Infant Dress and Jersey Bib | Source: Zoonicorn

There are several Zoonicorn products available, with more items in the works. Kids can currently wear Zoonicorn jersey bibs and clothing. SRM Entertianment’s Zoonicorn Sip With Me cups will be available soon. Next year, United Smile will release Zoonicorn-inspired products. Jay@Pay will launch Zoonicorn-inspired Happy Nappers, and Storypod will release Zoonicorn Crafties as well. 

The series is for kids ages 2-6, but anyone can help the Zoonicorns with their responsibilities. You can follow the Zoonicorns as they enter dreams on Peacock TV, Happy Kids TV, and Kidoodle. For more information, visit

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