Craft Your Own Lip Balm Kit | Source: Purple Ladybug

Who says science experiments can’t be glamorous? Not Purple Ladybug! With the new Craft Your Own Lip Balm series, little chemists can explore the science behind beauty as they test different ingredients to create the perfect lip balm!

There are three variations of the Craft Your Own Lip Balm set: the 10 cases, the five fancy cases, and the five bow-tie cases. In addition to adorable lip balm cases, each kit comes with olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, a scoop, a stirring stick, a mixing cup, and different flavors (mint, watermelon, and strawberry, to name a few). The premium kits require a slightly different process than the standard, so they also include an extractor. These are all the necessary tools and ingredients for the experiment, so no need to make any other purchases — except maybe a tablecloth because, as with all science experiments, things are bound to get messy.

Each kit comes with a detailed instruction manual that kids ages 8 and up can follow along with throughout the lip balm-making process. This experiment is definitely advanced and requires kitchen appliances, so parents can join in on the fun to make sure their scientist is following proper lab procedures.

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Kids begin by combining the olive oil, shea butter, and beeswax into the mixing cup. I used one scoop of each, but kids can explore different ratios depending on their desired lip-balm texture (more beeswax creates a harder lip balm, less beeswax, softer). Once all of the ingredients are in the mixing bowl, kids place it into the microwave — with adult assistance — for 15-second increments until the beeswax pellets are completely melted. When the potion has melted to liquid, scientists can add a few drops of any flavor, and then begin the solidifying process. For the standard kit, the mixture goes directly into the lip balm cases, but for the premium kits, it goes into a mold that is also included in the set.

Some lip balm cases from the 10 Case Craft Your Own Lip Balm Kit! | Source: Purple Ladybug

Once the mixture is in its designated mold or case, it will sit at room temperature to cool. The instructions recommend anywhere from 30-60 minutes, but my own personal research revealed that 45 minutes of cooling led to ideal results. The lip balm will be ready for use once cooling is complete with the standard kit, but for the premium kits, little hands can use the extracting tool to remove the balm from the mold and transfer it into the cases. I found that this was the most difficult part of the process, so adult lab assistants should be on standby in case kids need an extra set of hands.

The Create Your Own Lip Balm kits are the perfect way to introduce kids to STEM concepts while incorporating all the glam they love! The sets come with enough ingredients to fill all the cases, so young chemists can experiment with a host of different combinations and cooling times. At the end, kids will have a token of their hard work that they can show off to family and friends. An added bonus, kids can kiss chapped lips goodbye!

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