Ryan of Ryan’s World is getting a new look with ninja training to match!

Ryan’s World Ninja Adventures is appearing on more than just the incredibly popular YouTube channel Ryan’s World. The new content will be making its way to Cameo Kids, Walmart toys, and more! Any little fans of Ryan that also love ninjas will be delighted to see their favorite YouTube star on his very own ninja journey.

Ninja Adventures will feature new live-action and animated content from studio pocket.watch and Sunlight Entertainment. In addition to new video content, Ninja Ryan will also be available as an option for Cameo Kids messages. The new character is voiced by Ryan Kaji and utilizes AI to send customized videos.

The new Mystery Eggs are available exclusively from Walmart. | Source: Ryan’s World

A collection of new toys will drop exclusively at Walmart as well. The Ninja Adventures Giant Mystery Egg includes mystery figures, a mystery vehicle, putty, a ninja star spinner, and stickers. The Ninja Adventures Mini Mystery Egg comes with one mystery figure, a micro figure, mystery sand, and stickers. Fans of the brand can also get Cameo messages when they purchase the Giant Ninja Egg at Walmart stores.

Ninja Adventures will have animated and live-action Ryan training to become a ninja. | Source: Ryan’s World YouTube

New episodes and specials will debut on the Ryan’s World YouTube channel, The Roku Channel, and Friends Plus. The Ryan’s World Ninja Adventures Special is premiering on The Roku Channel and Ryan and Friends Plus today, following Ryan in a music-filled quest to become a ninja master. Later this August, a live-action special shot in Japan will drop on the YouTube channel. 

Ryan’s World fans can get even more of their favorites with new content across platforms! Whether a kid would love a Cameo message, a new Mystery Egg, some animated episodes, or all of the above, Ryan’s World Ninja Adventures has something for them!

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