Kelsea Ballerini joins the squad for “Family Day” in a ‘Sesame Street’ episode on June 17. | Source: WarnerMedia

Everyone’s welcome on Sesame Street as the series debuts new episodes on HBO Max every Thursday in June, including a special appearance from singer Kelsea Ballerini.

Catch up on the June 3 episode, “The Alphabet Scavenger Hunt,” in which Big Bird and Snuffy are hosting a fun game for all their friends. Charlie, Elmo, and Abby work together to race against the clock to search for things that start with each letter of the alphabet.

“Bowl with Elmo” will begin streaming on June 10. Elmo, Abby, and Rudy return from bowling and they had such a good time that they wish the bowling alley was closer. They build their own bowling alley on Sesame Street using plastic bottles for bowling pins, pool noodles to keep the ball in the lane, and a squishy ball as a bowling ball. They also get to play against another team, the T-Rexes.

It’s “Family Day” on Sesame Street in the June 17 episode and Kelsea Ballerini is joining the gang to celebrate! Alan’s cousin is flying in from California, Nina’s brother is driving over with his family, and Elmo’s and Abby’s parents are coming to celebrate, too. Meanwhile, Big Bird’s friends have a surprise for him: He thinks his Granny Bird can’t make it, but she surprises him as everyone gets ready for a group portrait. Ballerini’s music makes Family Day even more festive.

Sesame Street will round out the month with the “Turtle Tunes” episode on June 24. There’s a new friend in town: Morty the sea turtle! Morty gets sad because he moves so slowly that by the time he arrives to a playdate, everyone has already gone home. To help Morty feel better, Elmo, Nina, and Rudy sing him songs about all the things that make sea turtles special.

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These episodes will be available for streaming on HBO Max, where families can also catch season two of The Fungies!, out now. In the new season, Seth and Claudette team up to stop a war between flying pterodactyls, Lil Lemon rides a giant centipede in the name of friendship, and a mysterious Fungie witch might just turn Seth into a frog.

For even more summer fun, season four of Summer Camp Island will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, June 17. This season, Oscar and Hedgehog will head deep into the magical community for run-ins with gossiping mushrooms and the chance to learn proper Ghost etiquette. They also might face a few spooky creatures and help some friends out as Hedgehog’s journey to becoming a witch continues.

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