“Karli’s Life Box” premieres on May 13 on HBO Max. | Source: WarnerMedia

There’s always room for new friends on Sesame Street!

A new character, Karli, will join the Sesame Street squad next month in an episode titled “Karli’s Life Box” on Thursday, May 13. In the episode, Karli is living with her foster parents until her mom is able to take good care of Karli again. Elmo and Abby are drawing pictures of their families and invite Karli to join them. Karli says her drawing will help her remember her mom. This gives her an idea and she asks her foster parents and Chris for a box to keep all the things that remind her of her mom in one place. Elmo and Abby think the box is a great idea and all three of them set off to collect things that remind them of their families and place everything in their own special treasure boxes.

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Little ones can also tune in for “Abby Airlines” on Thursday, May 20. In this episode, Elmo, Abby, Rudy, and Chris try to make their own pretend plane so Rudy can see what it’s like to fly in one. They almost finish building it, but they’re missing the propeller and they run out of cardboard. The friends try to brainstorm ideas, including making a propeller from a spinning pinwheel in Abby’s garden. It works and they learn that you shouldn’t give up so easily.

These new episodes will debut on HBO Max, along with new episodes of Apple & Onion on May 19 and the Adventure Time: Distant Lands – Together Again special premiering on May 20.

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