Kids won’t mind learning about money when it’s Cookie Monster teaching them!

Sesame Workshop is on a mission to provide free resources to families everywhere. With the help of the PNC Foundation, the organization is tackling financial literacy as its newest series of videos follows beloved Sesame Street characters learning the importance of saving money, making a spending plan, and thinking about wants versus needs.

Elmo and his dad talk to Abby about spend, share, and save jars. | Source: Sesame Workshop

The new resources include three videos available now on the official website and YouTube. In “Elmo’s Spend, Share, and Save Jars,” Elmo and his dad Louie teach Abby about using different jars to sort and save money. In “Making a Spending Plan Together,” Cookie Monster helps his mom create the family’s weekly spending plan. Finally, in “Wants and Needs with Bert and Ernie,” Bert talks Ernie through the difference between wants and needs.

More than just videos, Sesame Workshop has also added free digital guides designed for parents, caregivers, and educators to use when teaching kids about the basics of financial literacy. Each printable guide — as well as the videos — are available in English and Spanish.

Sesame Workshop is committed to giving families the resources they need to succeed. Prior to the new financial literacy content, the nonprofit organization has put out free resources centered around mindfulness, accepting others, and even tough topics like dealing with a divorce. The newest series of resources focused on the foundations of financial education will be distributed through the Sesame Street in Communities program and are publically available on the official website.

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