Sesame Workshop is continuing its mission to help kids deal with problems big and small, this time tackling grief.

The organization has a number of resources for kids and families, covering everything from financial literacy to emotional well-being. November is Grief Awareness Month, and Sesame Workshop is taking the opportunity to tackle it with beloved Sesame Street characters. With an investment from the New York Life Foundation, the organization has developed a full collection of resources to help children and families, including three new videos.

Jesse and Jill explore how we can re-grieve as time goes on. | Source: Sesame Workshop

“Re-grieving as Seasons Change” features Jesse and her mom Jill as they share memories of Jesse’s dad, Uncle Jack. In “Jesse Expresses Grief Through Play,” we return to Jesse, dealing with some difficult feelings during playtime. “Elmo and Jesse Remember Uncle Jack” brings in the ever-popular little red monster as he, Jesse, and their family celebrate the birthday of Uncle Jack.

The content includes more than just videos. There is a new digital storybook, Something New, featuring Jesse learning to deal with her grief; an interactive game, Express Yourself with Elmo and Jesse!; and a variety of printable pages. There are also a number of articles intended for caregivers and guardians to assist in dealing with children’s grief.

The new content is available now on the Sesame Workshop website’s official page for dealing with grief. In addition to these resources, the website offers a number of other activities, videos, and more covering a number of topics for both guardians and kids.

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