Kent Displays’ Sketch Pals come in a variety of character styles, including Best Pals (pictured) and Ocean Friends. | Source: Kent Displays

Drawing just got a whole lot cuter — and easier. 

Boogie Board‘s Sketch Pals Ocean Friends are the perfect solution for on-the-go drawing. These adorable, animal-shaped drawing boards easily clip onto backpacks, lunch boxes, or luggage so little artists can stay occupied while they’re on the go. With so many different characters to choose from, kids ages 4 and up can pick their favorite animal and get crafty. 

Sketch Pals now come in Ocean Friends, such as Noa the Narwhal! | Source: Kent Displays

The Sketch Pals doodle boards use Boogie Board’s LCD technology, which means kids can write with anything they have handy — the eraser on a pencil, the included stylus, or even their fingernail. Once they’ve finished their masterpiece, they can keep the design on the board, or just push a button and watch the doodle board instantly erase itself. 

From left to right: Norah the Narwhal, Clark the Shark, and Sandy the Sea Turtle. | Source: Kent Displays

The Sketch Pals erasable board is a great tool for kids learning the basics, such as numbers and letters. Parents can help kids learn the alphabet on-the-go by tracing letters and watching kids repeat the shapes. When learning time is over, the board can be erased and kids can switch to doodling. This eco-friendly toy virtually eliminates the need for drawing paper. And it comes in a completely adorable, animal-themed case! Kids can choose from Norah the Narwhal, Noa the Narwhal, Clark the Shark, or Sandy the Sea Turtle. 

One thing to note is that the doodle board on the Sketch Pals is pretty small. The screen itself is about the size of my hand, which is significantly smaller than other Boogie Boards. Despite the smaller screen, the Sketch Pals board seems to fit most word games and has enough surface area for small drawings. Kids will love drawing, erasing, and then drawing again on this mini version of the Boogie Board. 

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The best part about the Sketch Pals Ocean Friends is that it’s affordable at only $19.99. Parents won’t break the bank by constantly buying new art supplies and kids will love creating endless drawings. It’s a win-win situation! What will kids draw first? 

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