Families can bond together with Slumberkins’ newest album, Together We Shine: Vol. 1. This collection of music aims to connect kids and their loved ones by promoting social-emotional growth.

Slumberkins’ Together We Shine encourages social-emotional growth for kids with music. | Source: Slumberkins

Together We Shine features seven songs that the whole family can share together. This album will include songs from A Great Big World, Rachel Platten, Britnee Kellogg, Michaelson, Trevor Hall, AHI and MOsley WOtta.

Slumberkins is a wellness company dedicated to promoting emotional learning in kids. The brand uses books, kits, stuffed animals, activities, and more to encourage kids to embrace their feelings and to be themselves. 

Every song in the new album is inspired by a Slumberkins book, each containing a story that helps kids understand the emotions they will feel as they grow. All songs in the album promote self-confidence, individuality, and love in kids. 

“Heart Family” is the album’s debut single, performed by A Great Big World. This song promotes connectivity and reminds kids that they are loved by their families. “Heart Family” is streaming now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, and YouTube. 

The album will launch late this summer and families can preorder the album on their preferred streaming service now. For more information on the new music ahead, visit slumberkins.com

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