Presents appear to sing back-up for Cookie Monster! | Source: SmashUps

Everyone’s favorite Sesame Street character can now wish the littlest cookie monsters in your life a very Happy Birthday!

The new video e-card from SmashUps features the Sesame Street character Cookie Monster giving a personalized message for the recipient’s birthday. The message features a rendition of the song “C is for Cookie,” perfect for any fans of the show’s music

Customize the card based on the recipient’s name and age. | Source: SmashUps

The card opens with the green double doors from the Sesame Street brownstone apartment stoop and features the letter and number of the day, based on the recipient’s name and age. Then, Cookie Monster will appear to wish the recipient a happy birthday, customized with their name. The car features more than 1,000 names to choose from, including some nicknames or titles such as Dude, Bud, and Grandpa, so there are plenty of options for anyone wanting to send a card.

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SmashUps features a whole collection of characters and themes beyond just Cookie Monster. Celebrity SmashUps include Dolly Parton, Shaquille O’Neal, and Christina Aguilera singing the birthday song. Other options include tons of adorable animals, animated characters, and more. 

The new e-card featuring Cookie Monster is available to send from websites such as American Greetings and Blue Mountain as well as through the SmashUps and Blue Mountain phone apps. Treat the Sesame Street superfans you love most to a birthday surprise they won’t forget!

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