Snowy the Mouse is back for more holiday magic!

Snowy’s Magical Christmas Eve is the charming children’s book by author Susie Bramhall. It follows Snowy the Mouse as he helps with Christmas prep at the North Pole, from making toys to decorating cookies. This holiday season, the book is getting a new edition so kids can fall in love with Snowy and the magic of Christmas all over again.

The book is based on a holiday cartoon following Snowy to the North Pole. | Source: Snowy the Mouse

The new hardcover edition of Snowy’s Magical Christmas Eve comes with a collectible Snowy the Mouse holiday sticker. Kids will be on the edge of their seats as they wait to see if Snowy made it to the North Pole in time to tell Santa his true Christmas wish.

Little Snowy fans have more to look forward to in the coming year as well. New Snowy the Mouse books, plush, and cartoons are on their way. Kids will be able to write a letter to Santa with official elf paper and have a full Snowy collection thanks to the upcoming holiday gift set.

The Snowy’s Magical Christmas Eve hardcover is available now on Amazon and the Snowy the Mouse online store. While kids wait for their book to arrive, they can rewatch the animation that started it all or have a look around Snowy’s official webpage with games, activities, and more.


Kids can follow Snowy the Mouse as he travels to the North Pole, helps with Christmas preparation, and tries to tell Santa his true Christmas wish. The hardcover edition of the book comes with a collectible holiday sticker.

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