What do unicorn riders and Bakugan brawlers have in common? Thanks to a partnership between Spin Master and Gamefam, both will be able to enjoy their activities in the metaverse! 

The Japanese-Canadian anime brand Bakugan will break new ground in the metaverse with an upcoming game: Bakugan Brawl Simulator. The game will feature the signature components of the battle-themed playing-card-inspired series, allowing players to experience epic quests with their favorite characters, and of course, engage in brutal brawls. Bakugan Brawl Simulator will debut later this year.

Gameplay from the ‘Unicorn Academy’ integration. | Source: Spin Master

Unicorn Academy, which is based on the Netflix original animated series, serves as an “integration,” a sort of game within a game. Since Sept. 8, players have been able to follow protagonist Sophia’s journey from normal girl to bonafide unicorn rider within another one of Roblox’s games, Twilight Daycare. 

But the Unicorn Academy integration doesn’t stop there: Starting Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. ET, a Unicorn Academy movie will premiere within Twilight Daycare, and re-airs every 2 hours. 

Though the metaverse can sound techy and even expensive, both the Bakugan game and the Unicorn Academy integration will be largely available for free on Roblox via consoles, PCs, tablets, and smart devices, meaning this slice of kid-friendly metaverse is just a click or two away from becoming a reality.

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