Some Tasty Members of the Squishmallows Food Squad | Souce: Jazwares/the Toy Insider

If you’ve ever fallen asleep with french fries or a burrito by your side, then you’ll appreciate the quirky fun of the Squishmallows Food Squad. And even if you’re not prone to sleepy-time snacks, you’ll still love Jazwares’ recent additions to the ‘mallow menu because they’re the hottest plush toys of the year!

Squishmallows are incredibly squishy, machine-washable plush toys that are recommended for any age and they really do span all generations, from babies to adult collectors. There are hundreds of different Squishmallows characters that feature plump, round bodies and embroidered facial expressions. Their shape and facial features stay pretty consistent across the character, adding to their charm, while their colors and subtle details change based on the theme of the collection. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3.5-24 inches. Almost all of the characters also have names and bios detailed on their hangtags to make them more personable.

Burrito and Boba Squishmallows | Source: Jazwares/the Toy Insider

While the fruit squad first made an appearance last year, Jazwares expanded the food theme even more this year, cranking out culinary-inspired characters such as s’mores, sushi, cupcakes, burgers, boba, burritos, fries, fro-yo, and more. The characters have a nice amount of detail without taking away from the simplicity that makes Squishmallows so recognizable. For example, Bernardo the burrito features a sparkly silver bottom that looks like aluminum foil, a tan-and-brown speckled face that looks like a tortilla, and some shredded cheese and lettuce coming out of his head, but he still keeps that signature, marshmallow-like shape; black, embroidered eyes; and a whisper of a smile.

The food squad’s bios are as amusing as ever, making you love the characters even more. Bernardo the burrito loves to play the baby grand every Friday night, Malcom the mushroom is the goalie on his championship-winning team, Clara the cupcake enjoys crossfit, and Carmelita the s’more draws black-and-white manga.

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Part of the fun of collecting Squishmallows is hunting down the hard-to-find characters. You can find some online, but you never really know where specific characters will be available. That makes it even more satisfying when you come across the coveted ‘mallows in the wild. It also makes for entertaining social media content when collectors share their hauls using the hashtags #squishmallowsquad, #squishmallowcheck, or #squishmallowhunting.

One thing we can promise is that the Squishmallows Food Squad will satisfy your hungriest ‘mallow cravings!

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