The full Superama line | Source: The Loyal Subjects/the Toy Insider

Avengers, assemble! Or should we say, assemble the Avengers?

The Loyal Subjects — known for its Action Vinyl, For Keeps, and BST AXN lines — released a new line of collectible dioramas called Superama, featuring six characters from the Marvel Universe: Iron Man, Hulk, Gamora, Spider-Man, Thanos, and Thor.

Superama Thanos | Source: The Loyal Subjects

The Superama line features 6.5-by-5.75-by-5.5-inch displays of stylized Marvel figures, each sculpted in an action pose. The figures themselves feature fun, vibrant color schemes. And while the paint job is not detailed enough to highlight every fold in Thor’s cape, it’s done with a level of precision rarely seen at the $17.99 pricepoint. Moreover, there is a layer of metallic paint applied to some characters’ armor, helmet, and/or weapons to make them shiny, while battle effects — such as Thor’s lightning and Spider-Man’s webs — are translucent. This level of attention to detail adds a nice touch to each set’s overall quality and differentiates the characters from each other.

The figures come in window boxes. | Source: The Loyal Subjects

While each of the figures is display-worthy on its own, the fun really comes when kids collect more than one Superama. The collectibles feature connecting bases and interchangeable backboards, allowing for endless customizable configurations. Kids can, for example, recreate the iconic bout between Iron Man and Thanos on his home planet Titan, or go completely off-script and have the Hulk fight Gamora in the basement of Stark tower.

The figures come in window boxes that are great for display and offer substantial protection from impact. While the packaging must be removed for customization, kids should be careful and may need an adult’s help when removing the characters, as some of the styles have small plastic pieces wedged under the legs for padding purposes and they need to be removed gently.

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Overall, Superama is a great option for tweens and teens who are excited to show off their love for Marvel with some cool collectibles. Their accessible price point makes it possible to collect them all, then create a customized display. All six Superama styles are available for purchase at a variety of retailers for $17.99 each.

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