If summer snuck up on you, Target has you covered!

Summer vacation is the perfect time for families to enjoy the outdoors at parks, pools, and more. If you didn’t find a moment during the school year to grab the perfect summer goods, Target has a whole pile of options designed to give kids — and adults — a summer they won’t forget! With pools, pickleball, popsicles, and more, everyone will be ready to enjoy some fun in the sun, for prices as low as $10.

Nothing screams summer like a day at the pool! The Chill Out Pool Float has a tropical aesthetic to make any pool trip feel like a full vacation getaway. The inflatable float has two handles for security as well as cup holders for a frosty bev. Get it here.

For a water day in the yard, the Minnidip Splash Pad is perfect. Designed for children ages 3 and up, the Splash Pad features a fruit-filled design and height-adjustable sprinklers so every kid can be sure to get a splash! Get it here.

Target has mini pools perfect for when you can’t make it out to your neighborhood pool party. The Minnidip Pool is 4 feet wide and also for kids ages 3 and up. Get it here.

And for a bigger mini pool experience, the Hearth & Hand pool has a bold stripe pattern and three air chambers to keep the fun inflated. Get it here.

What party is complete without some tunes? This Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker will make sure you have the perfect music for your next summer get-together. Get it here.

For activities that kids won’t be able to resist, the Bocce Molded Plastic Toss Game Set includes everything needed for kids ages 6 and up to have fun with a new lawn game. Get it here.

Kids can also get in on the pickleball craze with a four-piece set from Hearth & Hand and Magnolia. Get it here.

Finally, after lots of active play, anyone would appreciate a chill snack like popsicles made with the Silicone Popsicle Mold. Get it here.

Target’s seasonal products are sure to make a splash this summer. For more fun toy and games suggestions the whole family will enjoy, check out The Toy Insider’s Spring & Summer gift guide, full of hundreds of toys chosen by experts.

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