Craft night is about to get magical!

Harry Potter‘s birthday is coming up this summer on July 31, and Thunder Bay Press wants to make sure little Potter fans know it has the perfect collection of activity books to celebrate with. With everything from coloring to embroidery to stickers, there’s a book for nearly every craft! Kids can get in on the fun with all of these books, available now.

Hogwarts is glowing with the magic of Harry Potter! The Harry Potter Glow in the Dark Coloring Book features favorite characters and scenes from the movies. The book comes with more than a dozen pages, including three panoramic foldouts perfect for hanging on the wall. Get it here: Amazon, Target, Thunder Bay. The Harry Potter Paint with Water book includes eight different scenes from the Harry Potter movies. Kids can use the included paintbrush to apply water to the pages and see them come alive with color! Get it here: Amazon, Target, Thunder Bay.

For kids who dream of drawing their favorite magical characters, the How to Draw Harry Potter book is here! The book includes step-by-step guides to drawing Harry, Hermione, Snape, Voldemort, and many other familiar faces from the Wizarding World. Get it here: Thunder Bay. Kids will need some fancy lettering to label their newest art pieces, so the Harry Potter Hand Lettering book is the perfect pairing. Get it here: Amazon, Target, Thunder Bay.

There are also plenty of puzzles in this collection of activity books! The Harry Potter Sticker Art Puzzles book brings the puzzling fun of a jigsaw to the world of stickers. Kids use the included stickers to assemble magical scenes. Get it here: Amazon, Target, Thunder Bay.

If a kid wants a more traditional jigsaw puzzle experience, the Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle Book is the right pick for them. The book includes nine 96-piece jigsaw puzzles, with inset trays inside the book that hold the puzzle pieces. Get it here: Amazon, Target, Thunder Bay.

For a true mind-bender, Harry Potter Spiroglyphics offer graphic puzzles that look like simple spirals until kids start coloring in between the lines to reveal their favorite characters. Get it here: Amazon, Target, Thunder Bay.

For some more hands-on crafting, kids can use the Harry Potter Paper Models book to make 22 paper models of buildings, landmarks, and other places found in the magical world of Harry Potter. Get it here: Amazon, Thunder Bay. And for paper models with a purpose, the Harry Potter Origami Chess book has everything a kid needs to make their favorite characters into chess pieces that they can actually use to play game. (Although we can’t promise that these pieces will come to life like they do in Wizards chess.) Get it here: Amazon, Thunder Bay.

Finally, Thunder Bay Press didn’t leave out the yarn and thread crafters! The Harry Potter Crochet set includes everything a kid could need to make crochet versions of Harry Potter and Dobby, as well as instructions for making even more characters once they make a run to the craft store. Get it here: Amazon, Thunder Bay. The Harry Potter Embroidery kit also includes materials, with everything a you need to make two projects as well as instructions for eight additional ones. Get it here: Amazon, Thunder Bay.

The Wizarding World has never looked quite so crafty! Kids can choose their favorite activity books and get to making magic!

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