Tooth Brigade Book and Plush Toys | Source: Tooth Brigade/the Toy Insider

As we all know, the tooth fairy is a very busy lady. She has kids to visit and teeth aren’t falling out any slower!

Kids can help her out with the aid of the Tooth Brigade! These loveable, plush monsters help kids hold on to a lost tooth and give them scary-good dreams about the kind of presents they’ll receive.

The Tooth Brigade is made up of Ollie, Blue, and Potato. These cuddly, 8-inch friends each feature a wide mouth pocket to hold teeth, money, and special surprises. They’re flat enough to fit under a pillow, so the tooth fairy can discreetly slip under and exchange goods with her Tooth Brigade friend. Each Tooth Brigade monster also comes with a lost tooth token for the times that teeth go missing (Don’t worry, the tooth fairy understands).

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The Tooth Brigade crew also comes with a picture book: The Adventures of the Tooth Brigade. This illustrated adventure answers all the wiggly tooth questions and even features a tooth tracker section to help kids check how many baby teeth they lost. A portion of all Tooth Brigade proceeds will be donated to charities that provide dental care for kids in need.

Each Tooth Brigade plush character is available on its own, as part of a gift set that includes The Adventures of the Tooth Brigade, or as part of a gift set that includes all three plush characters with the book. The Tooth Brigade also offers button pins of Ollie, Blue, and Potato, as well as youth T-shirts and face masks. To check out these offers and more, visit

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