Make brushing your teeth a great time! | Source: Toothbrush Toys

Every morning and bedtime toothbrushing routine becomes an experience when you add in some toys to the mix!

Toothbrush Toys brings fresh fun to kids’ mouths and the dental hygiene process. The company offers toothbrushes with characters attached, replaceable heads, and animations to get kids invested in their new toothbrush friends.

An assortment of characters means the perfect toothbrush for every kid! | Source: Toothbrush Toys

Three characters have already launched with the company: Brushy the Brushasaurus, Chompers the Shark, and Petey the Puppy. There are even more coming, with Aqua the Mermaid, Captain Cavity, and Princess Pearly Whites releasing soon. With mermaids, dinosaurs, princesses, and more, the characters vary so every kid can have a favorite.

The animated videos tell the story of the characters so kids will definitely fall in love with their toothbrush friends. | Source: Toothbrush Toys

The toothbrushes are designed with kids in mind. With help from pediatric dentists, the soft brushes and large handles are easy for small hands to grip and are gentle on young teeth. Animations are also available at the Toothbrush Toys website, featuring character stories that are the perfect amount of time to brush your teeth to. There are also storybooks coming to the store, giving kids another way to get attached to their new toothbrush character.

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The three initial characters are available now on the Toothbrush Toys website. The company donates a portion of its monthly profits to America’s ToothFairy, a nonprofit that provides toothbrushes to kids in need, so any purchase can also help keep teeth clean across the nation. Pick a preferred character and get to brushing with Toothbrush Toys!

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