Kids will love discovering everything inside the egg! | Source: ToyMonster/The Toy Insider

It’s Jurassic Park’s 30th Anniversary, and ToyMonster is here to celebrate with new toys! These dinosaur-filled eggs are perfect for little archeologists.

The Jurassic Park CAPTIVZ Build N Battle 30th Anniversary Slime Egg features two things kids love — slime and dinosaurs! This range of mystery eggs features a surprise dinosaur figure inside, including some rare dinosaurs, like the gold-and-amber baby Velociraptor. Every slime egg includes a Build N Battle Dinosaur, some amber slime, a collector guide, and a collector card. For an even bigger egg experience, kids can grab the Jurassic Park CAPTIVZ Build N Battle 30th Anniversary Surprise Egg. This egg includes a super-size Build N Battle Dinosaur, amber sap gel, prehistoric Sand, BioSyn slime, a sticker sheet, a collector guide, and a collector card. 

The Jurassic Park CAPTIVZ Build N Battle 30th Anniversary Surprise Egg is full of goodies. | Source: ToyMonster

The Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Hatchlings are inspired by the more recent movies, and feature adorable baby dinosaurs that no kid will be able to resist. There are 14 species of dinosaurs to collect, including the rare Velociraptor. Each Hatchlings egg includes a buildable Hatchlings dinosaur, paleo slime, a collector guide, and a collector token. 

With so many cute baby dinosaurs to collect, it’ll be hard to get just one egg! | Source: ToyMonster

ToyMonster has plenty of other Jurassic offerings for kids who just can’t get enough dinosaur action. From adorable Dinomates plushies to even more mystery eggs, the company makes sure that every dinosaur gets some love. There are even the Jurassic World Zoomriders, pull-back car toys that feature dinosaurs on wheels.

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Each of the new mystery eggs is a reasonable $4.99-9.99, so kids can collect a ton of them! The 30th Anniversary Eggs are available at Five Below and Walmart, while the Hatchlings are available at Five Below and Meijer. With slime, baby dinos, and more, these mystery eggs are bringing the Jurassic Park experience home!

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