Some fidget toys just aren’t meant to come on the road with kids. However, hand2mind’s latest social-emotional learning toy is designed to travel with kids wherever they go!

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, hand2mind’s Worry Stone Pals Sensory Wristband is a collection of sensory toys that kids can use to fidget and self soothe while keeping their hands free. 

Perfect for school and other public interactions, the Worry Stone wristband is a plastic band that fits around a kid’s wrist. It is fully adjustable and can even fit older kids. The band comes with four swappable stones that each feature different textures, so kids can choose what soothes them the most. Each stone also features its own character with a personality, including Moog, Welli, Squip, and Brongo. Each monster focuses on a different personality trait that can help with big feelings, such as bravery or strength. Kids can learn about each monster and what they help confront using the included character cards, which even include the characters’ birthdays!

Kids may need help getting the wristband tight enough, but the stones snap into the wristband and are easy to switch out or flip over to reveal the character beneath.

Kids will enjoy the tactile experience of rubbing and playing with the worry stones, while learning about the stones’ fun personalities will help expand kids’ understanding of difficult emotions. Adults will like that the worry stones aren’t toys in the traditional sense. While fidget toys that involve play can be helpful, they also have their time and place — especially if they make noise. The quiet, hands-free worry stones are less likely to become a distraction in focused environments. The set also comes with a parents’ guide full of tips and activities for using the stones to help kids explore their emotions in healthy ways. For example, you can prompt kids to figure out which character is best to support them in different situations.

At the end of the day, kids can display their wristband and worry stones on the included display stand, which features special places for the wristband and each of the worry stones. 

The wristband looks like a watch, which is perfect considering all the time kids will spend soothing themselves with it. From playtime to school to road trips, the Worry Stone Pals Sensory Wristband will always be close by and ready for soothing and fidgeting!


Each Sensory Wristband comes with four removable worry stones, each with a character that highlights positive learning traits. Kids can pop the double-sided disks into the soft plastic wristband for a discreet, tactile approach to focusing their attention, calming their nerves, and managing stress throughout the day.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $14.99
  • Age:
  • 3+

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