DohVinciSome of the fondest memories from my childhood have to do with arts and crafts with my older sister. We usually used to buy or receive the same kits, but no matter what the product was, we always ended up with two different designs. With crafts especially, kids don’t have to follow some cookie cutter method and have the opportunity to create the unique designs of what they see in their heads. With the new Style & Store Vanity design kit in the DohVinci line from Hasbro, that’s exactly what happens.

The new line is from the makers of Play-Doh and allows kids to create colorful designs on different pieces of the vanity using a Styler tool and Deco Pop tubes. The Deco Pop tubes contain four different colors—blue, green, pink, and white—and have the consistency of really soft Play-Doh. The kit also comes with the vanity base, drawer, mirror, two-piece flower attachment, add-on pieces, Styler, 4 Deco Pop tubes, design tips, and sculpting tool.

The instructions are really great because it serves as an inspiration guide, so your design can literally be whatever you want it to be—swirls instead of lines or dots instead of squiggly lines. If your kid prefers to make it look like it does on the box, then the add-on pieces and vanity also have guidelines for design and color. On the back of the inspiration guide, there are some examples of how you can do it on your own. It also teaches you how to use the Styler for the best results.

Taa-daaa! Am I DohVinci yet?

The Deco Pop tubes are placed in the Styler and you squeeze it to let the compound out. If you make a mistake (which I’m sure you won’t because you’re awesome), then it’s really easy to wipe off the compound or mold it before it dries. It hardens after a few hours, but it’s better to tell kids that it’ll be ready overnight so that the designs that they worked so hard on won’t get ruined. One of the best parts about it is that the colors are so vibrant and also serves as glue for placing additional pieces on the vanity. More Deco Pop tubes can be purchased separately in the same or eight other colors. I had just enough to make the vanity, but if you have leftover Deco Pop, then you can use it on other surfaces like wood, cardboard, paper, and duct tape.

Parents will love this product because it’s not messy at all. Along with the easy cleanup, kids can actually use this product when they’re done with it instead of just tossing it to the side. Kids have the opportunity to make something useful and practical, all while having fun and creating cool 3-D shapes and designs. Other products in the DohVinci line include a Flower Tower Frame and Door Décor.

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