Letting your kids use social media can be scary, especially when you rather have them sit down and read a book or interact with people you trust. With Zigazoo Kids, and their Celebrity Reads program, parents can let their kid go online without worry. 

Zigazoo Kids is a social media platform that fosters healthy, safe content for children. The app allows children to create, view, and respond to videos; interact with other kid subscribers; and consume media created specifically for kids. Think of it as a combination of Reddit and TikTok designed for children with media literacy in mind. Creators and trusted brands can also host fun, safe challenges. 

Zigazoo Kids is a safe social media space. | Source: Zigazoo

The platform is monitored for age-appropriate conversations and content, and is praised by kidSAFE Seal Program, parents, and several celebrities. As a result, Zigazoo launched the Celebrity Reads program in 2021. The goal is to encourage kids to read and refine their reading skills during the summer and school year. 

The program also gives celebrities a new way to encourage literacy, especially during the summer, and discuss their children’s books and publications. Sometimes it’s easier for your child’s favorite star to convince them that reading is fun. 

Terry Crews read his children’s book for the program. | Source: Zigazoo

Celebrities recognized by kids and adults have made an appearance on the platform to read educational stories, including Elizabeth Olsen, Terry Crews, Kristin Chenoweth, Kel Mitchell, and Jimmy Kimmel. 

Now, Zigazoo has invited Shark Tank personality Daymond John for the 100th Celebrity Reading! The entrepreneur and investor will read his children’s book Little Daymond Learns to Earn.  

Like most of the books selected for Celebrity Reads, John’s story teaches kids important life lessons in an exciting way. Little Daymond Learns to Earn introduces key financial concepts that children can easily consume and eventually apply. The story discusses concepts of saving, borrowing and budgeting, providing a baseline of financial literacy for younger kids. Little Daymond Learns to Earn also highlights the importance of teamwork and strategic thinking through a fun story that kids will enjoy. 

The Celebrity Reads program encourages active participation by asking questions for kids to answer after watching the video. The app challenges children to “tell Daymond what business you would start” once they listen to the reading. Celebrity Reads is just one feature of the kid-safe platform that children can learn from. 

Zigazoo Kids is available on the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit zigazoo.com/kids.

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