The beloved Barbie goes on a new magical adventure!

Mattel‘s iconic fashion doll is continuing to capture hearts. Following the explosive release of Barbie: The Movie, everyone’s been taken with Barbie fever! Young fans are no exception and luckily for them, there’s plenty of new content to enjoy. From virtual fashion in the game Rec Room to a Build-A-Bear Barbie collection, kids can easily get their daily dose of pink. For those who have been waiting for a new Barbie series, Barbie: A Touch of Magic is coming with old favorite characters and fun new faces.

Barbie and friends find magic in the world thanks to a baby Pegasus. | Source: Barbie YouTube

Little fans of the Barbie DreamHouse Adventures series will be happy to see a return to the setting, with a magical twist in store. In Barbie: A Touch of Magic, Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts will need all the friends they can get to help the mysterious baby horse they’ve found. It doesn’t take long to realize the baby horse is in fact a baby Pegasus, Peggy, who needs help keeping safe from the clutches of mystical being Rocki.

The new animated series features original music for the little fans who can’t resist a catchy tune, themes about the power of friendship, and, of course, lots of magical adventure. Season 1 will include 13 episodes, each 22 minutes long. It will premiere on Netflix this Sep. 14

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