The new BattleBots Arena Max is an update to the original with even more bells and whistles. | Source: Hexbug/The Toy Insider

Suit up your BattleBots for an action-packed match inside the massive Arena Max from Hexbug. This arena is 50% bigger than the original and has more fighting space!

As mentioned in the 2016 Toy Insider Expert Review of the original BattleBots arena, Hexbug modeled the Battlebots Arena after ABC’s BattleBots reality competition series – but with less building and more battling. It was a popular toy that year and every year since. But now, this new Max version is expected to bring the battle to the toy shelves once again with new bots and interactive elements.

A feature to note in the Battlebots Arena Max is the interlocking floor tile assembly, making setting up the floor and breaking it down, a breeze. Kids can battle with the included past champion bot Tombstone also featured in the original set — along with a new Build-Your-Own-Tank robot. Each bot enables players to create their own battle configurations to get the partial experience of engineering their robot. Once kids are ready to play, it’s all about strategy! Players can push, hammer, and shove their opponents using the included mini remote controllers. The last bot with a piece remaining will be crowned the robot ruler. Then kids can quickly piece the parts back together—and rule and reign again.

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Grownups should note that the set is a powerhouse —literally — and requires 9 AAA batteries and 4 LR44 batteries, so make sure to install or gift along with the arena so kids can play right away. 

The epic new arena sets the stage for some serious slapdowns and many social opportunities for kids to play!

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